Media and Communication Unit

Posted: 23 October, 2023

Category: Media and Communication Unit


Established under its Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) 2022, the Media and Communications Unit (Unit) of the Judiciary is the gateway to accessing information about the Judiciary and its functioning.


The purposes of this Unit under the SoP are to:


  1. Disseminate factual information to the Nation whenever deemed necessary,
  2. Enhance timely access to judicial information for the Nation to foster transparency and accountability in the Judiciary, and
  3. Streamline communication between the courts of the Royal Court of Justice and other key actors of the justice sector to enhance trust and confidence in the Judiciary.


The Unit will work in collaboration with the Grievance Cell of the Judiciary to better judicial service.

For further information on the procedure relating to the functioning of the Unit, please refer the SoP for the Media and Communication Unit of the Judiciary 2022.