No ‘Exodus’ at the Judiciary

Posted: 12 March, 2024

Category: News

The Judiciary regrets to see inaccurate reporting in some front-page newspaper regarding some ‘trend’ in staff resignations. It is reflective of a broader national phenomenon observed across various sectors. Out of a staff strength of over 550 at the judiciary, the resignation of 28 individuals, including drivers and personal assistants, does not constitute an 'exodus' that would significantly impact judicial services.


We therefore reassure the stakeholders with right perspective that the impact on our service delivery by above attrition has been effectively managed through strategic measures. In 2023, in place of 28 individuals who resigned, we have taken proactive steps to address this immediately by recruiting 24 new personnel to fill the vacant positions. We ensured continuity within our workforce. It demonstrates our commitment and dynamism in maintaining operational stability and upholding our mandate.


Regarding the pending cases, portrayed as overwhelming in the same article, it is important to see the broader picture and the progress made. The Judiciary has ensured a decline in pending cases, revealing our dedication to efficient case management. Despite the workload on our judicial personnel, we have maintained service delivery standards through efficient multitasking and diligent efforts.


In 2020, there was a total of 2,873 pending cases. In 2023, we reduced it to only 1,621 pending cases across the courts in Bhutan including the High Court and the Supreme Court. In the Supreme Court, pending cases are bare minimal, with only 17 cases in the Langchen Bench, 20 cases in the Tachog Bench, 11 cases in the Maja Bench, and 22 cases in the Khading Bench. Similarly, within the High Court too, there’s no case pending beyond one year. Total number of pending cases till date are drastically reduced with only 31 cases at Bench II and 18 cases at Bench III.


Furthermore, the Judiciary successfully mediated a total of 1,924 cases through Court-Annexed Mediation in 2023. Additionally, Local Governments resolved 4,003 cases through mediation during the same period.


We remain committed to addressing all challenges and ensuring an effective judicial services, in line with the highest standards we have set to meet the expectations and need of the hour.