Case Statistics

During the annual judiciary conference in 1990, His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo commanded for the judiciary system in Bhutan to be made more efficient to ensure that justice is not delayed and the quality of justice not compromised. The High Court immediately set in motion the steps to achieve this command through workshop, sensitization, streamlining the judicial process, case management, computerization, etc. Consequently, in 1991 and 1992, 21 courts around the country cleared the backlog cases. Similar exercise has been carried out in 1992-1993.

Case Statistic Report is submitted to the Chief Justice on a monthly basis. Statistics on judicial performance have reduced delay, even without enforcement mechanisms. Statistics are most effective when information on clearance rates and time to disposition is generated for each judge.

This method of comparative assessment to check the performance of the various Courts has increased accountability and contributed to the disposal of cases within the timeframe and undue delay of cases is checked. This chart shows the number of cases, which has been decided in less than 108 days and those, which has taken more than 108 days. Mostly, criminal cases are decided within 108 days. 
This is a check and balance for the Judge to probe why a particular case have taken more than 108 days and it allows the Judge to address this issue.

SUMMARY OF CASES DECIDED from year 1991 to 2014