Dissemination of Legal education

Broadcasting of the Basic Acts

In association with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service, the Judiciary of Bhutan has taken the initiative to educate people and create awareness on the Basic acts. Provisions of the basic Acts like Civil and criminal Procedure code, Penal Code, Land Act and Marriage Act are broadcasted from the Bhutan Broadcasting Service twice a week.

Training, Workshop and Seminar

In-service trainings, Workshops and Seminars are conducted for Judges and judicial staffs on a regular basis.

  • Court accountants complete training (2003/05/30)

Judicial Conference

The annual Judicial Conference is a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge and clarify issues among the Judges. The Judges from all over the Dzongkhags and Dungkhags gather for the conference at Thimphu once in every two years.

Lectures on the Know the Law Series

Every year the Drangpons and Rabjams will visit schools and institutions to lecture students on the basic laws as a part of dissemination programme.

  • Know the law to protect your rights (2005/08/12)