Institutional Reforms

As impressive as are His Majesty's achievements in the legislative realm in the arena of judicial reforms they are even more exemplary. These accomplishments, made with grace, precision and consummate skill, have had the combined effect of significantly strengthening the Judiciary and providing Bhutan with an ever more efficient legal system. Among others the judicial reforms include:

  • Introduction of the Annual National Judicial Conference in 1976;
  • Appointment of efficient Drangpons;
  • Abolition of the post of Thrim-tsap (acting Drangpon);
  • Decentralization of financial and administrative powers from the High Court to the lower Courts;
  • Establishment of Dungkhag Courts;
  • Introduction of a series of workshops, seminars and other trainings;
  • Establishment of a separate judicial cadre in 1990; and
  • Establishment of the National Judicial Commission in 2003 under a Royal Decree.