Registration of cases

The Registry of the court is the first contact point. Any complaint can be filed in the Registry of the Court. The complaints are registered in the miscellaneous register in the order of precedence. The complaints are usually recorded between 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

A person filing a case before the Court must do so in writing. The petition must be properly signed and a legal stamp affixed to it in accordance with section 150.4 of the Civil and Criminal Procedure Code.

 The registration may be effected by:

  • a representative of the State;
  • a prosecutor or a jabmi hired by the state to prosecute;
  • a victim or a victim's next-of-kin;
  • an aggrieved person or his/her/jabmi/next-of-kin.

A petitioner must have "legal standing" and the petition must involve a concrete case or controversy. As per Kadyon Ka 3 no litigant may make and no Judge shall entertain any petition or submission relating to a case before a Judge outside the premises of the Court.

In accordance with section 32 and 32.1 of the Civil and Criminal Procedure Code the Court shall conduct miscellaneous hearing expeditiously after a case has been registered with the Registry of the Court. During the miscellaneous hearing, a complainant can make submission either in writing or orally.The Court shall make initial determination whether sufficient legal cause exists to admit the case for proceedings according to the law or hear the case within the prescribed period and give written reasons if the petition is dismissed. If the complaints are admitted they are assigned to the Benches for adjudication.